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Mobility Scooters-How and Where Are You Going To Use It

Mobility Scooters- How and When Are You Going To Use It

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Mobility Scooters….Question/Answer #1 – How and where are you going to use it?

How and Where are you going to use it?   Around the house? In the Grass/Gravel? Knowing where and how you are going to use it is the single most important question.    It drives the RIGHT solution. I am going to make some recommendations below based on particular situations. Please know the right solution can be personalized to your needs as easily as a phone call to AutoFarm Mobility…but in case you are just in the looking mode here are a few of my thoughts…

  1. Our best seller and in my opinion the best all-around scooter is the Buzz Around EX by Golden.    This scooter has terrific on road and off road capabilities, it has 330 lbs weight capacity, is good size and can fit taller people as well as shorter people.   It has best in class range at 18 miles, and it is portable. It can be broken down into 6 pieces (the heaviest being 52lbs) for easy transport and can fit into the trunk of a car.   While there may be better scooters in any one category, my experience is that this is the most versatile Scooter I have ever used. Also keep in mind I have used this scooter in almost every possible scenario.  I go out of my way to find a situation to find fault. I even took it on a public train this week just see if there was an obvious issue….once again I was very impressed.
  2. Our Best Outdoor scooter –    The Victory 10LX and the entire Victory Line  of Scooters by Pride are some of the best large format scooters for outdoor use hat I have found.    They do terrific on Grass, Gravel, and dirt. They have 400lbs weight capacity, significant ground clearance, and terrific large wide tires for strong performance on and off road.   The battery range is best in class. I have used these scooters and Disneyland, sporting events, car shows, festivals, etc, and they perform REALLY well. So why is this line not my best all around????   Its portability is very limited. While some places may say they breakdown, this scooter is awkward, heavy and large for many types of transportation. In my opinion it requires a mobility van, hitch mounted Platform lift, or a cargo area mounted hoist.   Those vehicle modifications make the Victory line very portable, but do add complexity to the transportation of the scooter.

 PLEASE take time to read my other points where these questions/answers will be put to good use!  

Jim Kissling, the author of this blog post, is the President of AutoFarm Mobility and a person living with Kennedy’s Disease (a rare neuromuscular disease).   Jim is a 40 something husband, father, son, business person, car lover, and he loves to talk about his struggles and achievements in life living with challenges and overcoming them.   

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