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The Top 4 Mobility Solutions That Help With Giving Stability

The Top 4 Mobility Solutions That Help With Giving Stability


The Top 4 Mobility Solutions That Help With Giving Stability

Need a lift?

Have ever looked at a chair, sofa, or bench as a black hole?  You know… the seat where you will never return? Because of my neuromuscular disease, my hips and legs are pretty weak.   Now when I enter a room, restaurant, office, hotel, bathroom toilets….really anywhere I plan to sit…I do the Jim Kissling patented “scan for safety”.  If you have this issue, I suspect you do the “scan for safety” too. For those that do not have that issue, I will try to explain the process. The chair “scan for safety” is a very fluid process whereby you analyze height of seat, probable softness of cushion, life support items around the suggested seat….(aka things that you can grab for a graceful exit), and location from the rest of your group.   I have chosen some pretty odd places to sit over the years, because my quick scan analysis says that we are in some murky seating environments.

Candidly the scan for safety is a reality for MANY people!  The scan is one of the adaptations that you have to make living a life of reduced mobility.   With that said, there are additionally some tools that can help. While this is not an exhaustive list, it does provide some slick items that can really help make things better!  The Team and I and AutoFarm Mobility actually have staff meetings figuring out best products and practices DAILY to help individual challenges that are brought to us!

Items to help on the go!

The Standup Walker is an awesome tool for on the go issues.   The walker drops down, so that you can push up on the walker from a seated position.   It was designed by a kid at MIT. Go figure. Simple and brilliant.


The EZ swivel seat is not as much about lifting, but Turning.   Absolutely a brilliant product….ESPECIALLY IN THE CAR! The twisting and lifting of legs in one motion is definitely a challenge when your core is weakened.  The swivel seat is essentially like sitting on a Lazy Susan… aka a turntable made of parachute like material. Which is not only soft and comfortable, but also very easily rotates thanks to the slick parachute like material.   The bottom of the turning device is rubberized so it really grips the seat. While I am a big fan of the swivel seat, the entire stander line are innovative yet affordable tools that can make a big difference out on the go, and around the home!

Items to help around the House!

The Number 1 item by far in the home is the Lift Chair Recliner.   This is a recliner that has an electric motorized lift that lifts you up to a near standing position.     Giving your weakened core and/or hips/legs, a head start helps a person to defy the effects of gravity! We carry MANY variations of lift chairs from 5 different manufacturers.

Another really cool item is the EZ Stand-N-Go by Stander.  It is placed in existing sofa or chair that can make it substantially easier to come back from the depths of the abyss.  This item makes no permanent changes to the furniture and can easily be moved and adjusted as necessary.


In summary, I am on a personal crusade against black hole furniture.   Friends don’t let friends get swallowed by furniture. Please spread the word so there are no more senseless tragedies!

Jim Kissling -President of AutoFarm Mobility

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