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With the wide variety of available mobility equipment on the market to fit every individual, AutoFarm Mobility strives to find the best solution in Provo, UT and Indianapolis, IN handicap vans, mobility scooters, and other products to fit your personalized requirements. 

Mobility Equipment
If you or one of your loved ones have difficulties riding in or operating a motor vehicle, travelling more than short distances, or even getting around your home, AutoFarm Mobility has solutions to make your life easier. We have two convenient locations devoted entirely to equipment that provides increased independence and the freedom of travel to people with disabilities and others with reduced mobility. We have a large selection of mobility products, ranging from simple equipment, such as wheelchairs, duets, rollators and lift chairs, all the way to modern power equipment like power chairs, disability scooters and even full-size handicap vans in the Indianapolis, IN area and Provo, UT. In addition to stocking a full range of mobility equipment, we also provide options to purchase or rent the tools you need. So whether you need mobility equipment for you and your family over the long term or a temporary adjustment due to injury or changing needs, we have great options in Indianapolis handicap vans, mobility scooters, and other products for you to choose. If you feel a little overwhelmed by the sheer amount of options we have available, don’t worry! We have a great staff of mobility specialists at our locations near Provo, UT and Indianapolis, IN that can help you choose the perfect equipment to suit your needs.

Wide Selection of Options
Different types of mobility equipment offer different benefits and improve your freedom of movement in different ways. A wheelchair is often a necessity for quickly getting around for many mobility-impaired people, allowing quick movement without putting any strain on the legs or the lower back. On the other hand, a rollator or a duet is perfect for those who can use their legs but require a little extra support. As a bonus, it can also store personal items and serve as a seat as needed. To the casual observer, a lift chair looks like a typical chair but hides a power lifting mechanism that raises the whole chair up, which makes it easier for a person to stand up without straining his or her legs. Similarly, a power chair is a regular chair with wheels and a motor that allows for moving short distances without the stress of having to stand up and sit down. A mobility scooter from our Indianapolis area dealership takes this to the next level by adding additional steering and safety equipment, storage space and a more powerful motor for longer-distance travel. Finally, handicap vans and vehicles in Indianapolis are designed to accommodate mobility-impaired or wheelchair-bound people as passengers or even drivers. With options like side-entry, rear-entry and even crane or trailer setups, there are many options to choose from in order to make travel easier. You can check out this wide selection of equipment in person at our locations in Middletown, IN and American Fork, UT. Feel free to call us and speak with one of our mobility experts for more information about our product selection.

The Perfect Solution for You
Everyone’s mobility situation is different and unique, requiring a customized approach and solution to products like handicap vans and mobility scooters in the Indianapolis, IN and Provo, UT areas. That is why the best way to decide on the mobility equipment you or your family members require is by trying it out in person to see how it works with your body. At our American Fork, UT and Middletown, IN showrooms, we give you the opportunity to try out and test-drive all of our different mobility vehicles and equipment. Find out which solutions in Indianapolis area handicap vans and mobility scooters are right for your family by calling us today to schedule a consultation and test-drive appointment with one of our product experts. With their help, you will feel the freedom of the open road in no time!

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