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Mobility Scooters Where To Start…. I Start With Questions

Mobility Scooters Where To Start..... I Start With Questions


Mobility Scooters….Where do we start….I start with questions!

I LOVE scooters.   Scooters are fun, helpful, eccentric, and a conversation piece.   I would enjoy a scooter even if I didn’t have a disability. In our store, if someone is having a rough or bad day, I routinely instruct them to get on a scooter and ride it around the store.    My belief is that simply riding a scooter will put a smile on your face. So the topic of scooters will consume many posts that I will write about. This post is designed to be a few of the foundational questions of how and where to start.  Many people and retailers start with solutions, I start with questions. It’s exactly like car shopping. My eye may always be drawn to the convertible, but if I have a family and want to carpool, then I am not getting a convertible. Not all cars are equal, and NOT ALL SCOOTERS ARE CREATED EQUAL!   There are 3 questions you need to address before you can select the right scooter for you. Once you can answer these questions, I encourage you to read my later blog posts where we dive into the answers for each of these.

  1. How and Where are you going to use it?   Around the house? In the Grass/Gravel? Knowing where and how you are going to use it is the single most important question.    It drives the a lot of the solution.
  2. Does it fit you?   Does the scooter physically fit you.   Are you comfortable? I am 6 feet tall, and my legs and feet (size 12) don’t fit on every type of scooter.   All scooters have weight limits. My wife may say that no scooter can handle my ego, but I will tell you that only some can handle my size, height, and weight.   
  3. How are you transporting it to places?  Some scooters are way easier to fit in a car than others.   Depending on your situation, you may find some scooters are much better for you because of their portability.

  If you have questions and need help gives us a call at 765-354-2261 or go to

PLEASE take time to read my other points where these questions/answers will be put to good use!  

Jim Kissling, the author of this blog post, is the President of AutoFarm Mobility and a person living with Kennedy’s Disease (a rare neuromuscular disease).   Jim is a 40 something husband, father, son, business person, car lover, and he loves to talk about his struggles and achievements in life living with challenges and overcoming them.   

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