Journey UPbed 4-in-1

$2,495.00 $1,995.00

The UPbed 4 in 1 is an innovative solution providing the functionality of a lift chair, lounger, and bed while retaining the comfort and restfulness of a traditional bed.  Designed to relieve pain and stress on sore hip joints, knees, and backs helping people experience a much needed measure of independence and relief in the bedroom.

The fully adjustable base features a firm 6-inch, high-density memory foam mattress. The mattress and base motors will comfortably support weights up to 500 lbs. To keep everything secure during articulation the mattress is securely attached to the base in a zippered, removable cover as it transitions through all positions.

A wired remote clips to the padded armrest so it is always within reach. The remote allows the bed occupant to start from a standing position and be gently moved to a sitting or fully prone position for sleeping.

The remote includes head-up and head-down buttons to facilitate reading or viewing television. It also may help with snoring or trouble breathing. The flat button will lay the mattress flat for sleeping. To return to a vertical position just push the lift-up button for the bed to gently and smoothly bring you back up to a standing position.



WEIGHT CAPACITY: 500 pounds evenly distributed

SIZE: twin 38″W x 74″L x 28″H (flat: floor to top of mattress)

WARRANTY: 10 year limited warranty to cover manufacturer defects. Year 1: Full coverage of parts and labor (the complete bed including mattress). Year 2-10: Full coverage of mechanical parts.

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