Golden MaxiComfort Cloud PR510 Series Lift Chair

$2,589.00 $1,898.00

The MaxiComfort Cloud has the Ultimate Recline Technology, overstuffed biscuit back design, wide armrests, headrest cover, side pockets and controller clip, battery backup, and lock-out option. Enjoy the preprogrammed TV watching, Sit, Sleep, or Zero Gravity positions at the touch of a button..or any custom position you choose and store it into the chair’s memory!



BACK DESIGN: plush biscuit back

ARMRESTS: Wide, very plush

SEAT: Bucket, (Small/Medium) 18.5×19.5 (Medium/Large) 20w x 21.5d

POSITIONS: MaxiComforter, custom positions, programmable memory


Convenient features include side pockets and controller clip, and battery backup.

Suggested user height is 5’1-5’6 for SME, 5’7-6’2 for MLA.

*Class II Medical Device

Additional information


Small/Medium, Medium/Large


Copper, Hazelnut, Shiraz, Sterling, Calypso Coffee Bean Briza, Buckskin Briza

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