SitnStand Classic Portable Lift Chair


The SitnStand classic is a portable lift assist device that enables a person to stand up / sit down, safely and independently. This model is suitable for any style of chair or sofa and includes a removable washable cover, lithium-ion battery, and battery charger.  It has a simple intuitive (2 button) remote to allow the user the ability to control how quickly they sit or stand, giving them confidence.  It has 4 levels of safe horizontal lifting to get out of low chairs. It’s a great rehabilitation tool too, as a therapist could recommend the optimal cell to enable the client to engage their hips, legs, and core muscles to improve strength and stability. The device is lightweight (only 8.8 pounds), and can be transported in a bag anywhere.  Designed cleverly, the seat does not slip, and the battery and air compressor act as a counter weight in the back of the device. Keep your favorite chair and sofa. Be independent, sit and stand confidently and safely.




EASE OF USE: Simple, full control by wired remote

RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: lasts 4-7 days between charges

WARRANTY: 2 years


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