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Liftup’s patented emergency lifting chair is a fast and safe solution when a person has fallen and needs help with transfer to either a standing or sitting position. Equal Opportunities – Every day thousands of elderly and physically challenged people are falling without being able to get up without assistance. The Raizer from Liftup can with ease be assembled and operated by only one assistant. The ffallen person can be raised in a safe and effortless manner within a few minutes. Easy Operation – The assistant can safely operate the Raizer with minimal physical effort while at the same time observing and caring for the fallen by for instance supporting the head of the fallen person when the transfer is in progress. The Raizer is an optimal solution for personnel in home care as well as for ambulance services and all personnel working with handling and transfer of individuals in general. The Raizer is light and easy to transport. It is carried disassembled to the place where it is to be used. The Raizer is easily assembled and placed around the fallen individual without strain to neither the fallen person nor the assistant. The Raizer is battery operated and has operation buttons on the side of the chair.

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Lifting time: 20-30 seconds

Number of lifts with full charge: 40 at max laod, up to 100 lifts at average load

Weight: seat 19.8 pounds, legs and backrest 8.8 pounds, total weight 28.6 pounds!

Charger (2 pieces): 100-240v and 12v car adapter

Charging time: max 6 hours

Easy to clean, CE-Mark, Patent Pending

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Raizer with Wireless Remote, Raizer without Wireless Remote


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