PVI Multifold Ramp


These portable ramps are convenient for travelling and storing since they fold in half (length and width-wise). Comes with a carry handle. Made of aluminum and anti-slip grip material.

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Separates into two pieces for easy carrying

Rotation of pin either locks or allows ramp to be separated into two pieces

Folds in half, carries like a suitcase

Patented hinge eliminates pinch point

Closure strap locks ramp panels together

Lightweight, easy-to-handle and set up

Durable welded construction

Safety guide indicates if ramp is on a safe slope

Full platform provides excellent stability

Anti-slip, high traction surface

Accommodates wheelchairs and scooters with various wheel configurations

Safety DVD and steel security pins included

This ramp has been tested at a 3X safety factor

Ramp Length For Business

Recommended Length (1:12 slope)

Ramp Length For Residential Occupied Ramp Length (2:12 slope)(Wheelchair/scooter user is sitting in seat)

Unoccupied Ramp Length (3:12 slope(Wheelchair/scooter user is NOT sitting in seat)

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5' Multifold, 6' Multifold, 7' Multifold, 8' Multifold, 10' Multifold, 12' Multifold


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