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The Zeen is an innovative mobility device filling the gap between a walker and a wheelchair. Providing a power-free lift between sitting and standing, you can enjoy effortless walking with the safety and reassurance of support through your hips and buttocks at all times.

The Zeen is for the person who values independent mobility in a standing position and is experiencing trouble with strength, balance, endurance or fear of falling.

Health benefits associated with standing and eye-level interaction include:
Improved bone & joint integrity, circulation, leg strength
Strengthens cardiovascular and digestive systems
Decreases risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, low back pain, weight gain, and obesity
Improves well-being, alertness, mood, thinking, cognition, sleep quality
Increases energy level, balance and coordination
Decreases stress, fatigue, depression and anxiety

Zeen Minimum User Requirements
Powerful desire to be independent and mobile
Able to stand and walk short distances with or without assistance
Ability to learn and retain new information
Weight between 50-250#
Distance from ground to groin between 21-35″
Moderate grip strength in at least 1 hand

Seated Mode 33.5″x25.2″x36.8″
Max Standing Height 33.5″x25.2″x51.3″
Folded 33.5″x11″x38″
Lowest Seat Height 20.5″
Weight ~42 pounds
Clearance for Doorways 27″
Turning Diameter 45″
Width of seat between armrests 21″



SEAT: memory foam swiveling seat

BACKREST: flexible, breathable mesh support

WHEELS: 8 inch solid

WEIGHT: 42 pounds

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Zeen Standard, Zeen One-Hand Control


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