Enhance Mobility Triaxe Sport Foldable Scooter

$3,409.00 $2,435.00

The Triaxe Sport is Ultra-Lightweight and foldable with long range and quick speeds! It only weighs 44#(without battery) and has an impressive 350# capacity. Travel up to 12mph and 35 miles on a single charge! Operated by key and twist-throttle with the hand brake operating the rear disc brakes, this scooter is fun to drive. Includes a deluxe front basket and carrying case. This is a functional, fast scooter that will get a lot of attention!



SPEED: up to 12 mph

RANGE PER CHARGE: up to 35 miles


MOTOR: 56V – 350W

BATTERIES: Long Range-48V 12 amp

TIRE SIZE: Rear 9.5” pneumatic tires, Front 8” solid tire.

WARRANTY: 3-year warranty on the frame, 12-months on electrical components,
6-months Lithium-Ion battery.

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Red, Blue, Purple, Black, Silver, Orange

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