Chair Speaker


When you struggle with listening to the television because you’re hard of hearing, it can be embarrassing to turn the sound way up just to enjoy your program; especially if you have family members or guests in the room who find everything too loud.

That’s why KARE created the Chair Speaker, a smart and adjustable speaker system that lets you experience television with voice-enhancing sound in a whole new way. Designed to rest over the top of your couch, chair, recliner, or even headboard, these small but powerful speakers produce crisp, clear sound around you to delivery clarity you can enjoy.

More importantly, they boast voice-enhancing sound, an adjustable volume knob, and the ability to put you in a small “sound cloud” that only you can enjoy; and all without missing out on the world around you.

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• Easier and more comfortable than wearable audio systems

• Allow you to still listen to the natural sounds or communication around you

• Eliminate ear fatigue, sweat, moisture or uncomfortable feeling of headphones

• Adjustable volume control that works independently of your TV

• Immersive stereo sound with enhanced voice clarity

• No expensive batteries, wireless connections, or complicated recharging

• Ultimate freedom to get up, move, or sit down without being stuck in once place


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