Used Conversion Vans For Sale in Indianapolis and Provo

2015 Chrysler Town & Country VMI Northstar

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The mobility conversion vans at our Indianapolis area dealership have features that make them accessible for people in wheelchairs. These include a ramp to allow a wheelchair to roll into the conversion van and a flat floor with tie downs for wheelchairs. The cost of converting a van to have these features can be between $10,000 and $20,000 — over and above the cost of the base vehicle.

Used conversion vans are for sale now at our Indianapolis and Provo area dealerships specializing in mobility for the disabled. Selling and servicing these specialized conversion vans requires specific training and resources not found at a standard dealership. A standard dealership in Provo, UT or Indianapolis, IN can sell you a used mobility conversion van, but it can not make certain the adaptations that meet your specific needs.


 Mobility Features

There are some alterations that allow a driver who does not have the use of his/her legs to get into some of our Indianapolis dealership's used conversion vans without assistance and drive away, assuming either an automatic chair lock down/release mechanism installed in the conversion van and on the wheelchair, or the ability of the driver to do tie downs manually. If that is not the case, the driver can still be mostly autonomous, requiring only assistance in locking and releasing the chair tie downs. An able-bodied driver can also operate the vehicle. Here are some of the features that many of the used conversion vans and SUVs at our Indianapolis, IN and Provo, UT dealerships come with:

• A lowered, flat floor with tie down slots to secure up to four wheelchair(s)
• Rolling front driver's and passenger's seats that can be easily removed and replaced with wheelchair(s)
• Power ramp that lowers to ground level
• Power kneeling system that lowers the floor to make the ramp less steep
• Power rear doors
• Hand controls to replace the functions of foot pedals
• Rear Camera

Conversion vans and SUVs in Indiana and Provo are not usually at these low prices. If you are interested in an Indianapolis area conversion van, contact one of our Indiana or Utah dealerships for more information as soon as possible.