Vehicle Lifts for Scooters / Chairs

Have a car, SUV, truck, or van? Let us help you find the best solution to travel with your mobility scooter or power chair. There are inside, outside, and hybrid options. 

Outside Lifts are attached to the vehicle by means of a hitch and consists of an actuator and platform which secures and carries a manual chair, scooter, or powerchair. These can easily be transferred from one vehicle to another with only new wiring needed.
Looking for an outside lift for a car? Check out the Bruno Chariot. The Chariot is a lift on wheels with its own independent suspension to bear the full weight and force of the load. Designed for safety and ease of operation, the Chariot’s wheels spin 360 degrees to keep it precisely in line with your car. It’s impossible to jack-knife! Also for use on select SUVs, CUVs and mini-vans.

Inside Lifts safely secure and protect power chairs, scooters or manual wheelchairs inside the cargo area of a vehicle typically while maintaining partial use of third row seats where applicable. Options range from single inside axis lifts to triple inside axis lifts with a weight capacity of 200 lbs - 400 lbs for wheelchairs, scooters or power chairs.

Easy Drive-On, Drive-Off Hybrid Lifts

Hybrid lifts are mounted in the vehicle’s cargo area and are designed to move out and down so the mobility device is loaded onto the platform on the ground. Its then lifted automatically into the vehicle for transport.

Hybrids provide easy drive-on, drive-off convenience and its interior storage of Power Chairs or Scooters make it perfect for regions where weather is a factor. Available for Minivans, SUV’s full-size vans and some Crossovers.