Mobility Ramps

Benefits of using a wheelchair and mobility ramp:

Serving Middletown, IN and American Fork, UT

The benefits of using a wheelchair or a mobility ramp are countless, although they are often overlooked, even in our society which today mostly pioneers on the fundamental cruxes of convenience and modern technologies. For the handicapped or the disabled, a wheelchair or mobility ramp achieves the otherwise impossible feat of successfully exiting or entering a motor vehicle with ease. A wheelchair or mobility ramp offers a key aspect principal which seems to encompass the development of modern technology: universal mobility.

What our wheelchair/mobility ramps can do for you:

Whether it be a simple trip to the grocery store, or a converse across multiple states to see long-distance family/friends, our quality mobility ramps will assist and allow users to achieve a wide variety of day-to-day tasks that might otherwise be considered impossible. Due to our vast understanding of the hardships associated with a disability or handicap, our dedication in the production and the selling of our quality mobility ramps is not only a business endeavor—it’s a personal endeavor, as well.

Who we are:

What our AutoFarm Mobility staff cares about isn’t necessarily the materialized product which we sell, but the capabilities that they offer to those who are in need of them. We take infinite satisfaction in the knowledge that our products are helping others out there to become more mobile in their lives. In our personal experience here at our dealership, mobility allows for increased happiness, even in just the simplest of pleasures that derive from knowing that you have mobility that wasn’t there before.

Here at our AutoFarm Mobility dealership, our experienced staff will offer you the top-notch customer service that you deserve. We will assist you in every way we can, and it is our promise that you will leave here from our dealership satisfied with your experience with us.

We will guide you along every step of the way in selecting the type of wheelchair or mobility ramp that suits you best, based on your specific details which we will gather from you in our first meeting. From then, you will be offered a competitive quote by one of our salesmen for your new wheelchair or mobility ramp.

Purchasing your new wheelchair or mobility ramp has never been easier. We have two AutoFarm Mobility dealership locations, one in American Fork, Utah, and one located in Middletown, Illinois. Our excellent, friendly yet professional customer service abilities are not deterred or wavering based on location. At either dealership, you will experience the same great customer service which has kept our business operating successfully for so many years.