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From the moment we learn to crawl, we begin our love affair with the freedom that mobility affords us. Whether the loss is due to a sudden catastrophic event or a gradual health decline, having that precious ability taken from us can be devastating to our self-esteem, income, and lifestyle. As stated in an article by F. Hasler in the Independent Living Institute, "The cornerstone of Independent Living Philosophy is control and choice" (Hasler, 2003). Personal mobility provides us with the power to make those choices and take control of our lives.

Benefits of Using a Power Chair

A power chair effortlessly returns the freedom needed to take a stroll in the park or shopping mall with family and friends. It can even give an opportunity for an otherwise healthy adult to reclaim precious financial independence. Without a doubt, a power chair and other mobility equipment play a vital role in resolving disabilities for the roughly 30 million Americans that have difficulty walking or climbing stairs (Nearly 1 in 5 People Have a Disability in the U.S., Census Bureau Reports, 2012). Fortunately, power chairs are readily available to those who are in need.

The Highest Quality Power Chairs

AutoFarm Mobility, one of the leading retailers of new and refurbished mobility equipment suppliers, has been providing superior quality products for over 20 years to satisfied, and mobilized, customers. They provide a customized shopping experience that includes assistance finding the best fit in products and financing options available. This attention to detail provides those with varying degrees of disability the independence they need and want.(Myths and Facts About People with Disabilities, n.d.)  

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