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Wheelchair Vans and Mobility Vehicles

Mobility vehicles in Indianapolis, IN and Provo, UT.

If you’re searching for the right wheelchair accessible mobility vehicles in Indianapolis, IN and Provo, UT, look no further than Auto Farm Mobility! We have a variety of affordable vehicles, including minivans and trucks, available to match the unique needs of you or your handicapped loved one. Mobility vehicles offer wheelchair users and their caregivers more freedom than a traditional vehicle, and greatly reduce the amount of time and pain that goes into traveling and running errands.  

Regaining Independence & Saving Time

Unlike traditional vehicles in Indianapolis, IN and Provo, UT, mobility vehicles are much more accessible for wheelchair users to get in and out of since they can roll right into the vehicle without having to make a transfer. This allows wheelchair users the freedom to take their car out on their own to run errands, without having to feel like they are being a burden on their caregiver. Mobility vehicles also reduce fatigue and pain caused from moving a wheelchair-bound person from their chair into the vehicle.

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If you would like to see how our mobility vehicles could change the way you live daily life, come to one of our dealerships in Indianapolis, IN and Provo, UT. We would be happy to show you the selection of handicap accessible, reasonably-priced mobility vehicles we carry and how they can give you back your freedom.