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A mobility power scooter can help the elderly, as well as people with a variety of disabilities, to maintain their independence and conserve their limited energy. Explore our large selection of quality mobility power scooters to help you or your loved ones perform everyday tasks and enjoy the outdoors. Our mobility power scooters allow people with mobility or stamina problems to traverse distances with ease. A scooter is a sturdy machine, usually started with a key for extra security. Our mobility Scooters have padded seats and three or four wheels, with three wheels offering enhanced maneuverability while four wheels improve stability. A tiller, similar to handlebars on a bicycle, allows the user to steer with both hands, while a hand-powered lever controls the motion and speed. The device is powered by batteries which can be recharged nightly to ensure the scooter is ready for use every day.

Benefits of Our Mobility Power Scooters

Many people struggle to wheel themselves in a manual wheelchair, or rely on loved ones to push them around. However, a power wheelchair can go up hills or travel long distances without fatiguing the driver or their loved ones. A mobility power scooter gives the user freedom to travel without assistance in retail, recreational, or neighborhood settings. With a typical range of several miles on a single charge, power scooters can open up the world to those who have any mobility or fatigue problems. In addition to the obvious benefits of helping the elderly and those with knee, hip, or foot problems, a scooter can also aid people with disabilities such as MS and fibromyalgia. Of course, anyone who has difficulty walking for any reason, or who struggles with severely reduced stamina, will also appreciate being able to travel blocks or even miles without pain.

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We offer great prices on mobility power scooters, with new and used options. Even new models are surprisingly affordable. Visit our dealerships in Middletown, Indiana and American Fork, Utah to see just how affordable it can be to enjoy the many benefits of mobility power scooters. In addition, we also have a wide variety of mobility vehicles and many other products to help you and your loved ones with everyday life tasks.